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Shell Springboard 2015 National Winner, GravityLight, helps light up Kenya with 50 Nights Relay

Tue, 15 November 2016

A Shell LiveWIRE article as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week
This article is part of Shell LiveWIRE’s Global Entrepreneurship Week activities aimed at celebrating innovation and young entrepreneurs. In this article, we take a look at how Shell is collaborating with GravityLight to bring light to Kenyan homes.   
In September, Shell launched the #makethefuture campaign, which celebrates bright energy ideas and highlights the need for greater global collaboration to create more and cleaner energy solutions, by helping to bring to live innovations from six smart energy start-ups. One of these start-ups is the 2015 Shell Springboard winner, GravityLight – a UK-based start-up that has developed a gravity-powered lamp.
Now, Shell is collaborating with GravityLight to improve health and wellness across Kenya by bringing clean and affordable light to low income homes, many of which have had no access to electricity. The product is being launched in Kenya using a sustainable economic model that creates jobs, enhances skills and improves livelihoods, by offering local employment opportunities.

GravityLight is an innovative, low-carbon device that generates light from gravity. Combining kinetic and potential energy, GravityLight works by connecting a weight — filled with rocks or sand — to a pulley system. As the weight falls to the ground, it slowly powers a generator to create light. Unlike many sources of artificial light, GravityLight does not need batteries or sunlight, and is cost-free to run.

In 2015, Shell crowned GravityLight the national winner of the Shell Springboard programme, awarding the company £150,000 of equity-free funding to help scale-up and commercialise.

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