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The Importance of Marketing your Vision

Tue, 17 June 2014

Contributed by Anthony Packwood, Shell LiveWIRE alumnus and co-founder of Klinkd
When starting up a business, the marketing of the company is often what makes or breaks it. Getting customers, clients and awareness of both your brand and product is no mean feat in a sea of vying voices – many of whom will have a bigger budget and an already established customer base.
Most entrepreneurs are total novices to marketing, and can’t afford to take a chunk out of a squeezed budget in order to employ a strategist or a consultant to try and animate a very specific vision that may be quite difficult to communicate. That’s why, as directors, it’s often the best choice to simply learn through experience, trying to gain as much knowledge as possible in order to formulate your own, organic version of how to best market your business. 
For this, the most valuable tool to begin with is visiting marketing blogs and websites, who will often have the main points that you should be broadly aware of regarding how to market your business. While these won’t be enough to formulate your strategy, they demonstrate the broad points of what is important to be aware of. Of these, the single most important thing that you have at your disposal is the Internet, and more specifically, social media. 
Social media is everywhere, and it allows you to directly engage with your audience at the click of a button. The value of having an online presence means that you can attract attention to your business with relatively little effort, and completely free, providing you have an effective approach and you know what your audience wants. It is really easy to overlook these basic principles of marketing, and if you do, then you risk wasting a fantastic resource and limiting your potential to grow.
When using social media, it is important to remember that approach is key –  obviously, if you post at 3am, you’re unlikely to reach as many users as you would as 8:30pm on a Thursday evening. Similarly, if you bombard users with irrelevant posts that only serve to provide useless information, you run the risk of being unfollowed, or subconsciously blacklisted in their mind.  As a rule, content with images get far more clicks than the run of the mill text based ones; the same goes for posts deemed as entertaining.  After reviewing the analytics, it was at once noticeable for Klinkd that things that were completely unrelated to the business, for example, a video on Beyonce, were infinitely more popular than ones which explained deals.
What this tells us is that it is important to be acutely aware of the needs of the audience. While you may primarily, for example, be a promotion based company, it is always good to engage your client base on a personal level – this allows the business to acquire a more human voice, instead of a faceless corporate entity. Essentially, you can create a relationship with your base, using social media as your medium, for free.  If you’re successful in understanding your audience, and are clued up on your approach, you can produce clear benefits for your company – loyalty, hits on your sites, retweets and shares. All of which are incredibly value for start-ups, providing that much needed boost for free.
Essentially, the Internet is king. Do your research before you start, and you can hit the ground running.

About Anthony Packwood (Co-founder and Director of Klinkd)

Anthony Packwood is the co-founder and director of Klinkd, a mobile and web optimised app that provides its customers with a live advertising platform to increase the exposure of their offers, events and updates to a mobile user base. Klink'd is like a digital chalkboard that lets businesses tell people the things they want them to know. With 74% of users now searching the web on a mobile platform it has never been more important for a business to have a mobile presence. 
You can follow him on Twitter @getklinkd.

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