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British Charm: How the UK fares on the Global Entrepreneurship Platform

Wed, 20 November 2013

Contributed by Sanum Jain from GiveMeTap
Whenever I read about entrepreneurship, I am excited to see the wonderful things that are happening in the UK. Bright, young individuals are making a difference in the world and applying their skills to bring a service or product to change the world.

Social Enterprise provides an example of how the UK is an excellent breeding ground for sustainable business. Globally, we have many competitors. In Asian economies, we see a boom in skills of the growing population that can contribute to entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, the US is home to fantastic enterprises that are growing at an exponential rate due to huge pools of investment and a huge consumer market. These are America’s advantages and the reasons that many businesses choose to expand there in order to succeed. And admittedly, at GiveMeTap, we also believe that this is our next step. 
However, there is a charm about the UK that makes it the optimal place to conceive a social business.  Geographically, we are perfectly placed to execute both the business and ‘giving’ functions of our business. We have access to not only the European and North American markets but also access to the developing nations we might help. In our major cities, we have an abundance of talented people with skill sets that can be utilised to solve social issues on both a global and local level. 
While speaking to a friend and co-founder of a strategic NGO, it suddenly struck me why the UK – which is home to 68,000 social enterprises* - fares well compared to other nations: it’s our willingness to make a change and the ability to see the impact being created. As a relatively small nation, we can see the marks we leave much more vividly. There is optimism in the air amongst entrepreneurs, large corporates and also the government, that social enterprise is the sustainable way to create benefits for everyone. 
We are convinced at a young age that there are set paths we can take in life in order to be successful. However, I believe that here in the UK, we are beginning to realise that we can flourish when we think outside the box and can make a change in the world that we live in. Programmes like Shell LiveWIRE are the reason why enterprises such as ours can succeed in doing this.
* Statistic sourced from Social Enterprise UK
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About Sanum Jain

Sanum is The Chatterbox at GiveMeTap, the London-based social enterprise out to hydrate the world and reduce plastic waste. For every bottle purchased, GiveMeTap are able to provide one person in Africa with access to clean drinking water. Sanum joined GiveMeTap as an intern after graduating from the University of Manchester and is now the company’s first employee, managing all external facing activities.

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