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Spotlight on June's Smarter Future Award winner, Charlotte Slingsby, founder of Moya Power

Thu, 18 August 2016

Charlotte Slingsby won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in June 2016.

Business Description                                                                   

Moya Power is a company researching and developing a clean wind energy solution that does not rely on prime real estate or expensive infrastructure. Moya is a wind energy harvesting, flexible sheeting material that is designed to scavenge-off low grade wind energy, which is most abundantly found against existing infrastructure. This involves transforming vibrations and low speed, turbulent winds into electricity 24 hours a day across vacant and expansive surfaces around the city. The sheets can be mounted on otherwise unused surfaces, hidden from public view. Moya takes advantage of low-grade turbulent winds, the kind of wind that is most abundant within our cities. Unlike current wind turbines, Moya does not require strong or unobstructed winds in order to generate energy.
Charlotte Slingsby of Moya Power

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