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Spotlight on November’s Smarter Future Award winner, Adam Routledge, co-founder of Edible Bug Farm

Thu, 21 January 2016

Adam Routledge won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in November 2015.


Business Description

Edible Bug Farm produces human grade edible insects using scientific management principles. They aim to be a leading expert and pioneer in the entomophagy industry, offering an alternative solution to the imminent global food security crisis facing the world today. The farming technologies they are developing are designed specifically to be automated, cost-efficient, sustainable, and can be easily replicated to meet demand.
The UN estimates around 70% of global agricultural land and fresh water is currently dedicated to farming livestock. Compared to traditional livestock, insects such as crickets have been found to be at least 11 times more efficient when it comes to feed to meat conversion. Whilst cows produce only 4kg of beef per 100 kg of feed, crickets produce 47kg of meat. Insects also require around 0.0005% of the water needed to produce the same amount of edible protein.  

Adam Routledge of Edible Bug Farm

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