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Celebrating the UK’s most innovative entrepreneurs: KwickScreen

Wed, 11 November 2015

Michael Korn started KwickScreen when he was 30 years old, winning the 2011 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his invention, the KwickScreen.
Michael Korn started KwickScreen when he was 30 years old, winning the 2011 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his invention, the KwickScreen, a portable, retractable, printable room divider that can be quickly and easily be erected to provide privacy for patients and display therapeutic large-format artwork. 

The product helps healthcare professionals make the best use of their available space to give maximum privacy, protection and dignity to patients. The screens can be a direct replacement for curtains or expensive building projects and their patented easy to clean design means they can help prevent hospital acquired infections such as MRSA.
Since its launch in 2010, the British-made product, manufactured in Corby, is already used in over 150 NHS trusts as well as being exported to hospitals in Europe, North America, South Africa and the Middle East. KwickScreen’s in-house design department work with clients to select images or design bespoke prints. KwickScreen is now the largest installer of art into the NHS, brightening up and improving environments where patients, staff and visitors are often having very emotional and difficult experiences. Michael has just completed a full re-design of the product, the KwickScreen Pro, which his team are now working on selling into GPs, Care Homes, Hospices, schools, open-plan offices, public buildings and exhibitions.
Michael has been shortlisted for Shell LiveWIRE International’s Top Ten Innovators Awards, which could see him win up to $15,000 for his business. He had this to say about being shortlisted:
“Winning Top 10 Innovators would be an amazing achievement for me and my team. It would give recognition to the importance of maintaining focus to persist with and continually improve on an innovation so that it can truly fulfil its potential.
When I won Shell LiveWIRE in 2011 the KwickScreen product was proven to be successful but was it was not scalable. It was essentially a hand-made innovation and our customers were early adopters. The challenge of the past three years has been to grow sales whilst also redesigning the product and the business to make KwickScreen a mainstream innovation which can make a positive impact for the greatest number of people.
We have worked tirelessly with our customers and end users to understand their needs and how we can best meet them – one thing that came out of this was our artwork department as we learnt about the impact and importance of art and interior design in healthcare settings. We have invested in R&D, manufacturing equipment and tooling to completely redesign the product – from this we developed our own in-house unique composites manufacturing facility. The more compact product and robust packaging redesign now enables us to ship internationally at very reasonable rates and we can also offer next day delivery on stock items. We are strengthening partnerships with excellent suppliers who will support us as we grow. We have established a culture of innovation within our team who are constantly pushing the boundaries on what was previously thought possible. Having set all of these foundations, the next three years will be about growth.
True, deep product innovation is risky. It is long, hard, and sometimes lonely work, and it often takes even longer to see the rewards. Receiving recognition by Winning Top 10 Innovators would give a timely boost to our international marketing campaign and would show Shell's appreciation for our efforts to try and create better more sustainable healthcare environments for future generations.”

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