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Celebrating the UK’s most innovative entrepreneurs: Aqua Power Technologies

Tue, 10 November 2015

There aren’t many 24-year-olds that can lay claim to developing a groundbreaking renewable energy technology.
There aren’t many 24-year-olds that can lay claim to developing a groundbreaking renewable energy technology.
But Sam Etherington, kite surfing enthusiast and brains behind Aqua Power Technologies, has managed to come up with a new way of capturing wave energy.
Sam won the 2014 Shell LiveWIRE Future Impact Award for his unique design, which can absorb wave energy from any axis, unlike the single-axes technologies currently on the market. Essentially, his invention sits on the surface of the water and, unlike other wave power systems, works on a multi-axis basis; it can generate power no matter what height the tide is or what direction the waves come from.
The potential for this technology is immense. The World Energy Council has estimated that if the planet’s wave power was harnessed, we could generate double the amount of electricity currently produced worldwide.
Aqua Power Technologies is yet to fully develop the device, but already investors are anxious to be involved. The biggest focus for Sam over the coming months will be to take his technology to scale, from a prototype in a tank to a fully functioning wave power farm in the sea generating energy by 2016. 
Looking forward, Sam has his eyes set on expanding into Europe and Asia with the aim to make his hometown a UK hub of renewable energy technologies, inspiring the next generation of young engineers and entrepreneurs – the problem solvers of the future.  He is currently in initial discussions with Scottish Island communities interested in bringing the technology to their region, a step on the way to realising his vision of tapping into the UK low-carbon export market estimated to be worth £120 billion annually.
Sam has been shortlisted for Shell LiveWIRE International’s Top Ten Innovators Awards, which could see him win up to $15,000 for his business. He had this to say about being shortlisted: 
“Winning innovation awards for Aqua Power Technologies is so important in leveraging further investments and raising the awareness of our technology.”

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