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Maneesh Varshney Wins May's Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award!

Wed, 01 July 2015

Maneesh Varshney won May’s Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award for his business, Naturosys.
Naturosys creates organic fertiliser and fish feed from food waste. Last year the UK produced 13 million tonnes of food waste, costing the economy billions. This waste is either sent to landfill or to composting facilities with a considerable loss in valuable nutrients. Naturosys intend to harness these wasted nutrients by converting them into fertiliser and animal feed ingredients to make healthy animal feed, while at the same time reducing dependence on landfills and composting facilities.
Commiserations to Michael Findlater (Notio Studio), Frank Milani (Powergoat),Damian Oracki (Showslice UK) and Thor Schuitemaker-Wichstrøm (CAVENTOU)  who were shortlisted but did not win this time and are encouraged to reapply.

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