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Spotlight on January's Smarter Future Award winner, Daniel Roberts, founder of BananaBerry

Fri, 10 April 2015

Daniel Roberts won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in January 2015 with his business, BananaBerry

Business Description

BananaBerry is a social enterprise that utilises surplus fruit and vegetables to create smoothies, fresh to order, for offices and events in London with 10p from every bottle sold going to Cancer Research UK. BananaBerry deliver their home-made smoothies via pedal power, thus helping to reduce their carbon footprint. BananaBerry are hoping to launch a new product in the near future, a sorbet made from the surplus pulp that is a by-product from their smoothies, thus creating more products from the surplus fruit and vegetables. 
BananaBerry are hoping to encourage other to utilise surplus food by investing in a production kitchen, allowing others to access space to make their products from surplus.      

Daniel Roberts of BananaBerry.

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