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March 2014 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award Winners!

Thu, 01 May 2014

These 4 young entrepreneurs have each won £1000 for their start-up in March's Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards!
Kathryn Birch (Translive Global) 
Translive Global provides professional online translation, interpretation and transcription services. It can take up to two weeks for a translation agency to find you a linguist, obtain a quote and send the work off. Translive Global does this in seconds. It’s faster, cheaper, and easier, without a loss to the quality of the service. You can choose from over 1200 linguists and have them interpreting in your meeting instantly via video link – cutting the cost of interpretation services by 40%. 
Ben Kelly (Kelly Medical)
Kelly Medical aims to offer a flexible system which gives sufferers of chronic conditions such as cardiac disease and diabetes a chance to complete their health rehabilitation in a time efficient and completely personalised manner. By using patented technology the business will be able to use an individual’s genetics to ascertain which rehab interventions are most suitable and how likely they are to respond to that intervention. Given the rise in avoidable in-activity related illness, it is probable that health insurance policies will begin to be charged at a rate dictated by an individual’s lifestyle and health status. By using genetic predictors as well as health and lifestyle monitoring technology, Kelly Medical will be able to provide comprehensive health and lifestyle reports to insurers at the client’s request. 
Neesha Morris (Just Teach It)
Just Teach It is a one stop shop for classroom and teaching resources, offering attractive, engaging and child-friendly resources, from role-play packs to maths activities. By subscribing to the site, the customer can download, print and use its numerous resources. The business also has a blog which supports teachers to use the resources and provides inspiration for the classroom. Moreover, the business’ expanding range of iPhone and iPad applications helps teachers bring technology into the classroom to support children further. 
Katie Norman (Lab Rascals) (pictured)
Lab Rascals provides educational, hands-on, scientific children’s entertainment which promotes scientific careers, creativity and problem solving in an interactive way to primary schools and parents. The hands-on activities are highly appealing to children because most children like to be interactively involved rather than just watching demonstrations or shows. The educational aspect of Lab Rascals is attractive to most parents, as the pressures for educational input from parents are continuously increasing. The business offers several school workshops and science party packages aimed at both boys and girls alongside tailored science parties and school workshops to the individual customer.  
Commiserations to Gavin Bell (Alba Fitness), Tom Charman (The Ember Club), Khafi Kareem (Language Experience UK), Rebecca Mortby (Greenfinch Graduations), Jack Passant (Holly and Beau), and Ed Stoner (Plej) who were shortlisted but did not win this time and are encouraged to reapply.

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