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Catching up with Grand Ideas Award Winner Stephen Parkes (Go Enrol)

Thu, 26 June 2014

For Go Enrol, winning the Shell LiveWIRE award was a super boost to the company in every sense.
Winning was a boost to our credibility with our existing and prospective partners. It has helped attract talent to join our team.
With the award we explored whether schools in Thailand were interested in working with Go Enrol. We knew that students in Thailand liked using Go Enrol as, since launching, they have remained one of the top five sources of traffic to the website.
Since the site has been primarily providing information about UK higher and further education institution and courses, we also knew that the Thai students had a goal of going to study overseas. Therefore, finding partners who could help these students prepare the language skills they needed before departing was a good opportunity to provide a better service to them whilst helping schools recruit.
We received a very positive response from the schools we spoke to. They liked Go Enrol's design, team and approach. In all, we signed agreements which cover 20 schools in Thailand. In practice this means that students from all over the world can now discover, compare and enrol on courses in Thailand through Go Enrol. This successfully proves that what we are doing at Go Enrol is in demand outside the UK. The Shell LiveWIRE award went a long way to making this happen.
Since winning the award, we haven't only focused on Thailand. Other agreements we have signed mean that we are helping schools in the UK, USA and Ireland recruit students from all over the world. 
We have also been working on our RSA Catalyst Award. With this we have been working with schools, students and career departments to discover what students care about when deciding which undergraduate degree to study. We are then putting these findings into action to help them make a better choice. Students making the wrong choice is an enormous issue which costs students every year an estimated £315,000,000 on tuition fees alone. Due to insights drawn from this research we have revamped our search page to prioritise what students care about and are introducing new features to help students make the best decision.
We recently hit over 100 countries where Go Enrol is being used. It's humbling to know that what we have created has been used by so many. We are very conscious that getting the site right for this diverse pool of students is an enormous challenge so we continue to seek input from all the stakeholders: students, their parents, their teachers and the schools that want to enrol them. If you would like to be part of our journey to help students make a better choice, we would love to hear from you.
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