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July 2013 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award Winners Announced!

Mon, 02 September 2013

These four brilliant young businesses have each won £1000 for their start-up in July's Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards!
Tim Joannides (My Smart Idea)
My Smart Idea is a product development company that aims to create new, exciting and innovative products. Over the last two years the business has created four new products, two of which have received government funding to allow them to be developed. The products include: a menswear accessory (, a range of pet accessories and toys (, a children's bedding product, and a kitchenware accessory. My Smart Idea creates innovative solutions to common problems, as well as fun and engaging products.

Morven Mulgrew (Cast Iron Kitchen)
Cast Iron Kitchen is a street food company operating from a motorised Piaggio trike. They sell Scottish steak and black pudding sandwiches cooked on a cast iron griddle served with unusual sauces, such as chimmichurri and teppanyaki. The trike will serve the company’s unique product at various street markets around London. In the future, Cast Iron Kitchen will look to purchase other vehicles to enable trade at consecutive markets whilst also signing up to a street food agency to allow the product to reach private and corporate clients.
Arthur Kay (bio-bean Ltd) (Pictured)
bio-bean recycles coffee grounds into biodiesel and biomass pellets. The idea is unique in that it is the culmination of three concepts: waste collection, biomass pellet production, and biodiesel production. bio-bean will collect waste coffee grounds from coffee houses, roasters and instant coffee producers in London, and then deliver the waste to bio-bean's processing plant where it will be converted to biofuel, which bio-bean will then sell.
Philip Crilly (Eatibbles Ltd)
Eatibbles creates quality gluten-free products that can't be distinguished from their gluten-containing alternatives, products that all the family can enjoy regardless of whether they have coeliac disease or not. Many gluten-free products currently available are quite tough to eat and not of the same quality as their gluten-containing alternatives.  In the future, Eatibbles will branch into a range of food products that address a number of different food intolerances and allergies, allowing those who suffer from these conditions to enjoy the foods that many take for granted. They will develop food products that promote health and prevent disease and illness, covering a range of issues including the immune system, bone strength, and heart health.

Commiserations to Emma Agese (Agese Oils), James Bettney (Takuro Apparel Ltd), Andrew Claypole (ShoPING Ltd), Lydia Lavecchia (, Gary Smith (Brainbook Ltd)) and Sophie Tregellis (Top Collar) who were shortlisted but did not win this time and have been encouraged to reapply.

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