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August 2013 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award Winners Announced!

Tue, 01 October 2013

These 4 young entrepreneurs have each won £1000 for their start-up in August's Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards!
Andrew Reeve and Annabel Causer  (Honest Brew)
Honest Brew is an open source brewery aiming to help people create and discover beer. They offer a range of products and services including their Honest Beer range, Bespoke Beer service and Pop-up Brew Space events. The Honest Beers are co-created and open source; Honest Brew shares all their recipes online so that people can have a go at recreating them at home or at the Brew Space. Honest Brew works with organisations, who want their own branded commercial beers, to create their Bespoke Beers. Their Pop-Up Brew Space events are an opportunity for people to learn how to brew their own beer; they provide the equipment, recipe, ingredients and advice to help groups of people make their own beer.
Piers Ebdon (Fans Choir Limited)
Fans Choir Limited is an interactive mobile football application and interlinked website that allows users to express their opinion about a football club’s team selection, performance and tactics whilst watching them play live from any location. The features include being able to voice your opinion on the starting line-up, rate the players at half time and full time, select the man of the match and rate the manager. A fan can share their opinion by social media, see the overall opinion of their fellow fans and submit their data for free to the Fans Choir website. In the future Fans Choir aims to expand by making an App for the 2014 Football World Cup, other major football leagues as well other team sports.
Akeem Ojuko (The Wild Peanut) (Pictured)
The Wild Peanut is Premium Gourmet Peanut Butter with a unique edge in the choice of flavours and the policy of using nothing but what it says! Superfoods, Fruits and of course Peanuts. They have created a unique blend of ingredients with one of the world's favourite spreads. Flavours include:- Apple, Raspberry, Chilli, Honey, Cinnamon, Blueberries, all mixed with delicious healthy Peanut Butter! The company plans to work alongside World Wildlife Fund and improve conservation, influence policy and prevent species from extinction through holding free events throughout the year where people can learn more about the planet, but in a fun and refreshing way. The Wild Peanut - Nutrition in a Nutshell.
Sam Parton (Open Play Ltd)
Openplay Ltd is a marketplace designed to connect sports facilities to their customers. It offers a sports venue listings site with an integrated online booking system, and management tool to help even the smallest sports facilities take bookings online. Openplay allows sports facilities to sell their excess capacity and operate more efficiently without relying on paper or MS Excel. Openplay want to help build communities around the sports facilities to encourage increased sports participation. Openplay believe the business to be scalable as they provide all the tools needed for sports facilities to operate more efficiently, including training manuals.

Commiserations to Nicole McMurray (Roses are Rubbish), Nathan Cox (eMod), Sebastian Coles (Vital Cybersecurity),Jeffrey Postlethwaite (Twists Pasta Bar) and Murat Yusuf ( who were shortlisted but did not win this time and are encouraged to reapply.

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