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Final 8 revealed for the Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2013

Fri, 08 November 2013

One of the exciting young entrepreneurs listed below will walk away with the title and £10,000 for their business.
Meet the 8 Finalists for the 2013 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. One of the exciting young entrepreneurs listed below will walk away with the title, trophy and £10,000 for their business at our award ceremony on 21st November. Who do you think it will be? Our expert panel of judges will have the difficult task to decide who will be crowned winner!
Mat Dusting (M-24)
M-24 designs recycled bags from used lorry curtains and reclaimed seat belts. The bags are based around urban design and outdoor travel. There are currently three main products, which include a ski bag, duffel bag, and backpack, each of which is completely unique because of the large variety of lorry curtains the business collects. Nearly 100% of the raw material is recycled and from abundant sources that would otherwise go to a landfill or be burnt. 

Jennifer Duthie (Skribbies)
Skribbies are a recently launched brand of kids' footwear that children can customise every day from new. They can draw on their shoes, wipe it all off and start again; creating their own style and expressing their personality on their footwear through stickers and drawing. It is basically like a whiteboard on a shoe. Every pair comes with 6 magic pens, a pack of monster stickers and a wristband with a pen loop. Skribbies' long term vision is to be 'the brand you can draw on' and plans to develop more products with customisation at the core.

Daniel Eha (Pure Pet Food)
Pure Pet Food has brought a pioneering approach to the premium dog food market. The business manufactures an air dried dog food which preserves its human quality ingredients without the harsh cooking processes involved in the production of commercial dry and wet foods, creating a product with the same nutrients and goodness found in raw and homemade food. Pure’s award winning products take away the inconvenience, health risks, and costs that raw feeding and home-cooking can bring, whilst retaining the convenience which originally made commercially produced dry and wet foods so popular.

Jermaine Hagan (Revision App)
The Pearsons Education of our mobile-age; Revision App is the UK’s leading mobile education provider. Helping over 1,000,000 people learn on their mobile phones. The business gives students all of the revision notes, videos & audio clips they need to learn effectively on their phone anywhere.

Tom Harrington (Wesold)
Wesold provides a much needed alternative for people selling their homes, and exploits the growing popularity in online estate agents, offering a pay-per-view service as an alternative to paying extortionate High Street Estate Agents fees. Research has shown that paying large upfront fees of between £350 and £600 was putting off 90% of customers who were against paying an upfront fee which is not returned if they do not manage to sell their property.  Wesold’s pay-per-view service provides an innovative solution to this problem.

Jacob Hill (The Lazy Camper)
The Lazy Camper is a complete camping kit in one bag with a range of tent sizes and options available. The customer selects the tent and adds a Lazy Buddy, which contains a Mummy Shaped Sleeping Bag, Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat, Blow-up Pillow, Camping Chair, Waterproof Poncho, LED Headlamp and a First Aid Kit. What makes The Lazy Camper awesome is that the customer can collect their kit onsite at the festival – saving them the trouble of carrying it. The business even offers an upgrade whereby the tent is pre-pitched, ready and waiting for the customer’s arrival.

Arthur Kay (bio-bean)
bio-bean recycles coffee grounds into biodiesel and biomass pellets. The idea is unique in that it is the culmination of three concepts: waste collection, biomass pellet production, and biodiesel production. bio-bean will collect waste coffee grounds from coffee houses, roasters and instant coffee producers in London, and then deliver the waste to bio-bean's processing plant where it will be converted into biofuel, which the business will then sell.

Rajeev Nayyar (Fixflo)
Fixflo is on an online picture-based repair reporting system for rental properties. It gets the right information in the right level of detail to property managers without any technical knowledge required on the part of the tenant. It also provides guidance on repair responsibilities, self-help steps for common issues and through the Fixflo Plus system, updates as an issue is resolved. By using Fixflo tenants can get repairs carried out more quickly and property managers can save time and money.
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Thank you!
Commiserations to the other fantastic entrepreneurs who made it onto our 'Shell LiveWIRE Hot 48'.

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