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October 2013 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award Winners Announced!

Wed, 04 December 2013

These four inspiring young entrepreneurs each won a £1,000 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award for their startup.
Matt Kepple (Make Worldwide)
Makerble visualises the impact of charitable donations so you understand the good you've done for the causes you care about. You start by choosing your favourite causes and how much you want to donate per month and Makerble then curates a personalised stream of projects that match your interests sourced from its catalogue of charities. Whenever a project is completed the charity publishes impact statistics and photos which Makerble visualises as numbered icons that appear on your personal Change Timeline and which can be shared on Facebook inspiring your friends to give too.
Nicole McMurray (Roses are Rubbish)
Roses are Rubbish is an up-cycling business which makes products out of waste materials. Roses are Rubbish recycles waste materials from a number of different organisations which helps to make them more sustainable and eco-friendly, while also reducing the cost of getting rid of their waste. The waste material Roses are Rubbish collects is then made into unique items such as wallets from vinyl festival banners, handbags made from tents and seat belts from old cars. In the future Roses are Rubbish would like to open a shop stocking only products made from recycled materials, with the focus on practical products for the home and fashion items.
Sarah Ellis (Amazing If) (Pictured)
Amazing If will provide inspiring and action orientated career learning and development services to individuals – particularly targeted at the millennial generation. The millennial workforce is seeking jobs that offer fulfilment, purpose and flexibility. However they are faced with two challenges. Firstly, organisations are not traditionally structured to support this need from employees. Secondly, millennials are often not given the support required through education or the workplace to actively take ownership for their own career – resulting in an unhappy workforce. The Amazing If courses are designed to be accessible, affordable and actionable to enable individuals to take control of and invest in their own development, to create happier careers and fulfil their potential.
Ross Kemp (Asap Water Crafts)
Asap Water Crafts has developed a small, electric, one-person watercraft for rescue use and the leisure market. Rescuing and towing people in the water is extremely difficult, and there has been little innovation in water rescue equipment. Most equipment is for leisure and adapted for rescue purpose – for example a jet ski needs its water outlet modified and a paddleboard is simply fitted with extra handles. Fuel-hungry, high-revving jet skis are also expensive to buy and run and take two lifeguards to launch. The business has designed a solar charged, quick launch craft, specifically for rescue – providing a cheaper and more purpose-built alternative.

Commiserations to the other young entrepreneurs who were shortlisted but did not win this time, and have been encouraged to reapply: Ashleigh Rodda (Bariatric Training Suits), Sebastian Coles (Vital Cybersecurity), Omar Farag (the teabox company), Timothy Brownstone (Kymira), Sanjeev Dass (Dass Design) and Kyla McCallum (Foldability).

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