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September 2013 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award Winners Announced!

Fri, 01 November 2013

These four inspiring young entrepreneurs each won £1,000 for their startup in the September 2013 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards!
Simon Lyons (Version 22) (Pictured)
Version 22 designs, manufactures and sells innovative consumer houseware products through department stores and direct to customers online. One of the business’ first products is Nimble, a safe and easy to use finger tool that cuts open awkward packaging with ease, whether this is difficult food and drink packaging such as milk carton tops or microwave meals, or more stubborn packaging like the infamous clam-shell. Nimble is designed to enable people with hand related disabilities, such as arthritis, to use the product to open food and drink packaging independently. Version 22 will manufacture all of its products within the UK to support local businesses and promote home-grown manufacturing talent.
Stephen Parkes (Go Enrol) aims to make enrolment easier for academic institutions and students. It will take students from discovery through to enrolling on a course in one streamlined process. For academic institutions it will provide them with a low risk, low cost way of recruiting students from all over the world. The business currently offers information on over 350 UK institutions and 31,000 courses in the UK and is now adding English language courses and a mechanism for students to enrol on these courses directly through Go Enrol's website. Go Enrol's customers will primarily be English Language training and summer course providers, with a free information service being provided to students.
Sophie Tregellis (Top Collar)
Top Collar aims to inspire a fun attitude towards pet health. The business does this through its range of pet foods, which consist of a range of fresh and natural treats for pets of all ages, using locally sourced, human-grade ingredients. The Top Collar pet menu includes the Classic Roast, the Full English, which is designed for dogs, and classic fish and chips for cats. The different ranges aim to help pets with certain conditions, such as the ‘Golden oldie’ range which aims to ease arthritis, fatigue, and stomach problems in older dogs. In the future, Top Collar wants to introduce vegan and gluten free ranges.
Becky Westaway (Milly & Bear)
Milly & Bear (formerly Little Bear) will be producing and retailing cellular blankets and cellular sleeping bags for babies. Cellular blankets are the best thing for babies because they help regulate their temperature and reduce the risk of suffocation and cot death. However whilst the blankets are readily available already, they are tired and going out of fashion. The business plans to reinvigorate the market with new blankets that are great quality and in a variety of bright colours, and produce cellular blanket sleeping bags, which are not currently available but offer a great solution for older babies.

Commiserations to Monique Anderson (Mums Den), Oliver Ferriman (REacting), Charlie Jackson (Nine Studios), Ben Smith (Frumtious) and Joanna Jaeger-Booth (My Student Style) who were shortlisted but did not win this time and are encouraged to reapply.

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