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December 2013 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award Winners

Mon, 03 February 2014

These 4 young entrepreneurs have each won £1000 for their start-up in December's Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards!
Timothy Brownstone (Kymira)
KYMIRA sport has developed the next evolution in performance sportswear. By combining performance design with cutting-edge responsive textiles the business has created a range of products that harness the wearer’s wasted energy (primarily heat) and converts it into infrared radiation. Their products have been clinically proven to increase blood circulation, increase tissue oxygen levels by up to 20% compared to standard compression products, increase the rate of recovery post training or injury and provide pain relief. 
Jamie Kunka (Lonely Mountain Skis) (pictured)
Lonely Mountain Skis is a Scottish ski company that makes high performance bespoke skis from natural, sustainable materials. Each pair of skis comes with a service kit of handmade tools and organic ski wax. Local Scottish hardwoods form the backbone of the ski's construction, which is then reinforced with flax fibres in eco resin. The combination of these materials results in a strong, lightweight ski that performs excellently on snow. By using as much local and natural materials as possible, Lonely Mountain Skis will combat climate change and help keep snow falling on the mountains.
Vanessa Mensah (My Special Parcel)
My Special Parcel (MSP) delivers educational materials to children (4-8 years) once a month through a subscription membership. Activities and materials are based on a country theme so children will have the opportunity to learn about a new country and its culture, expanding their global awareness through the information they absorb, including the country’s history, geography and language. MSP provides an opportunity for children to expand their knowledge of other cultures, as well as developing compassion and empathy for children around the world. A child will receive their very own parcel once a month, which will be addressed to them, and will include a craft activity, book, recipe card, and paper activities.
Anthony Packwood (Klinkd Ltd)
Klinkd is a mobile and web optimised app that provides its customers with a live advertising platform to increase the exposure of their offers, events and updates to a mobile user base. Klinked is like a digital chalkboard that lets businesses tell people the things they want them to know. With 74% of users now searching the web on a mobile platform it has never been more important for a business to have a mobile presence. The average cost of a bespoke mobile app is approximately £14,000 to £22,000, making it an expensive investment. For the fixed monthly cost of £30, Klinked provides customers with an unlimited mobile advertising platform with an established user base that is already searching for their product in their area.

Commiserations to Tosin Adeniji (Be Box),Oliver Ferriman (REacting), Alex Franklin (A.M. Custom Clothing), Jordan Harris (Encounter Fine Art), Sten Vermeiren (London Surf Breaks) and Giles Mitchell (Our Honest Foods), who were shortlisted but did not win this time and are encouraged to reapply.

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