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March 2013 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award Winners Announced!

Wed, 01 May 2013

These four young entrepreneurs each won a £1000 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award for March! Find out more about their innovative ideas here...
Mat Dusting (M-24) (Pictured)
M-24 designs recycled bags from used lorry curtains and reclaimed seat belts. The bags are based around skiing and snowboarding. There are currently three main products, which include a ski bag, duffel bag, and backpack, each of which is completely unique because of the large variety of lorry curtains the business collects. Nearly 100% of the raw material is recycled and from abundant sources that would otherwise go to a landfill or be burnt. M-24 launched at the national Ski and Snowboard Show at Earls Court in2012 and has been working ever since to fulfil orders.
Aaron Jones (Fikay Eco Fashion)
Fikay Eco Fashion is a simple concept with a huge impact. The customer buys one ethically made recycled bag or related product and the business will donate up to 50 bricks to building projects in producing communities. The company pays a fair competitive wage to local villagers who create the bags out of locally sourced recycled materials, so not only do the producers get a fair and reasonable wage, but they also have the opportunity to learn valuable skills that permit them to have a sustainable, effective way to get out of poverty. The ethical collection is then sold to Fikay’s customers. The mission is to design, manufacture and sell inspirational, hope-inspiring fashion that is high in quality. Fikay is currently in partnership with Topdeck travel, TNT Travel and Rough Guides, and they plan to launch an eco fashion tourism internship where fashion students and individuals can go on a fashion adventure and impact every part of production.
Bryn Powell (Containers Hostels Ltd)
Containers Hostels Ltd brings to London the world’s first ever eco hostel made from converted shipping containers. The business is made up of three young entrepreneurs with a passion for converting unused pieces of land into accommodation for domestic and overseas tourists. The team uses their knowledge of the tourist industry to give their guests both a unique take on the capital, and the chance to enjoy some of central London’s best accommodation at a competitive price. Using shipping containers means the business is able to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to expensive London accommodation. The hostel itself has a charity programme in which it works with local and international charities to provide volunteers and donations (in the form of containers) to areas most in need.
Michael Pybus (Welcome Screen)
Welcome Screen is creating a gallery platform which operates as a hybrid between a physical gallery space and an online gallery. Over recent years, there has been an increasing focus within the art world on virtual galleries and online projects produced by artists. Most art now is viewed through computer screens, but the business will have a physical space in which an artist would install their work and which will be documented and uploaded online to be fully integrated into a virtual experience to view the exhibition alongside projects specifically commissioned to be online. The gallery would offer the artworks for sale but also, through a web shop, offer unique, commissioned prints and artists’ products to those who can't afford more expensive artwork. The gallery space would be made available to whoever would wish to visit and view the works in person. However, the main emphasis would be experiencing the art and viewing the items for sale through the website.
Commiserations to Matthew King (Mindpipe Wedding Stationery), Philip Crilly (Eatibbles), Tom Walkinshaw (Alba Orbital Ltd.), Niall Crowley (Evolve Primal), Jordan Bourke (Jordan Bourke's Guilt Free Gourmet) and Irina Alionte (Club Cardio) who were shortlisted but did not win this time and have been encouraged to reapply.

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