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Passing on some top tips from Ben Scrimgeour!

Fri, 02 November 2012

Ben Scrimgeour Building Workshop is a design and build company, working on anything from a new family home, to a kitchen extension, to a cattle shed or a luxury hen house!
The dynamic duo behind the company, Ben and Rosemary Scrimgeour, have a lot of advice to offer.

Here, we collect their top tips for young entrepreneurs in the hope of passing on some good advice in the build up to Global Entrepreneurship Week...

1. Try to get as much publicity as possible - unless people know your company exists, they can't use your services/buy your product!
2. Don't rush into using expensive web-designers and branding - it can't be the basis of getting business.
3. There are lots of highs and lows - don't be put off by minor setbacks.
4. Make sure to keep a rainy day fund.
5. Do your best, be positive and be friends with your competitors rather than arch enemies!

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