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Wed, 04 September 2019

Three entrepreneurs from the UK are shortlisted for global competition.
Entrepreneurs from the UK have been shortlisted among 21 finalists for the Shell LiveWIRE Top Ten Innovators Awards, a global competition which highlights and rewards businesses that demonstrate excellence in innovation as well as giving entrepreneurs a chance to shine on a global platform. In total, 98 applications were received from 19 countries.
This year, Shell LiveWIRE has partnered with Global Commercial, which serves one million business customers in 150 markets, to deliver a competition focused on the circular economy. Shell is looking to reward entrepreneurs that help move the world away from the linear economy model – taking, using, and disposing of products – and towards an economy that designs waste out of the system.
Winners and two runners up will be named in the categories of Food & Agriculture, Energy & Mobility, and Sustainable Future, with the winners receiving $20,000 USD and runners up receiving $10,000 USD. In addition, Shell LiveWIRE will name an Outstanding Achievement Award winner who will receive $10,000 USD. All Top Ten Innovators will win direct mentoring from Shell staff and the opportunity to integrate and benefit from vast linkages within Shell’s global network.
“We’re inspired to see these 21 finalists from around the world whose businesses work towards providing circular solutions that help to achieve zero waste,” said Huibert Vigeveno, Executive Vice President of Shell Global Commercial. “Transitioning to a circular economy can help protect the environment and deliver positive change to society. Working with innovators like these esteemed finalists, will allow businesses, communities and society to move faster towards achieving these goals.”
Public voting is open from 9 September – 18 September and will help determine the ten winners. Please go to to vote for your favourite business. The ranking of the Top Ten, determined by an expert panel of judges, will be announced during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019.
Alex Annaev, Social Investment Advisor, said, “We’re thrilled to see three entrepreneurs from the UK competing for the Top Ten Innovators. This is a great opportunity not only to highlight these entrepreneurs but also a chance to showcase the talent and innovation we see every day across the UK. We encourage everyone to vote for GreenPad Enterprise, AEROPOWDER and Plastech Innovation in the public vote.”
The three UK alumni are:
GreenPad Enterprise 
Shortlisted in the Energy and Mobility category, GreenPad Enterprise’s software solutions help customers reduce energy wastage and improve their energy efficiency.
Shortlisted in the Sustainable Future category, AEROPOWDER uses waste feathers to create a sustainable thermal packaging material.
Shortlisted in the Sustainable Future category, Plastech Innovation transforms plastic waste into an aggregate for the manufacture of concrete and other construction materials.

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