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August 2019 Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme Shortlist Announced!

Tue, 09 July 2019

These five young entrepreneurs have been shortlisted for the Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme for the month of August!
The Smarter Future Programme provides £5,000 in start-up funding to one winner per month to help young entrepreneurs with the most innovative business ideas to tackle the biggest energy and resource challenges we face.
The five shortlisted businesses for the month of August are: 
Mauro Cozzi (emitWise)
The mission of emitWise is to make every company in the world carbon neutral by 2030, by enabling F500 companies to profitably reduce emissions across their processes and supply chains. Using IoT sensors in factories to measure emissions, combined with client data such as utility bills and purchasing records, emitWise uses an analytics tool, powered by AI, to identify opportunities that simultaneously reduces emissions and operating costs. By disrupting companies with a top-down approach that creates an economic incentive to shift every process and asset towards more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives, emitWise will make it profitable for companies to become more sustainable.
Leo Thomas-Lawton (Tapari Ltd)
Tapari produces and sells a unique range of environmentally-friendly, biodegradable bowls and plates. Handmade in Nepal from Sal tree leaves and bamboo fibre, Tapari provides individuals, caterers, and events planners preparing for weddings, parties and other events, with an eco-friendly alternative to plastic tableware. The dishes are fully biodegradable within 30 days of exposure to the natural environment, so any discarded dishes won’t have a long-lasting impact on nature. In addition to providing positive value to the world by reducing plastic waste, litter and carbon footprint, the business also creates meaningful employment for women in disadvantaged rural communities.
Isaac Ramonet (Airbastion Ltd)
Airbastion is developing the technology to remove air pollution from traffic-heavy areas. The unit can be attached to any streetlight or signpost alongside busy roads where it can capture the diesel fumes from passing vehicles. The fumes are collected and processed to filter out polluting particulate matter such as NOx, VOCs, CO, and CO2. Each unit can purify an average of 800 m3 of air per hour. Airbastion also has technology to measure the air quality of the surrounding area, and the air composition entering and leaving the unit; the data of which can be sold on to corporate and governmental stakeholders.
Beenish Siddique (AEH Innovative Hydrogel Ltd)
AEH Innovative Hydrogel provides a technology that not only increases crop production but makes it possible to grow crops in infertile and water stressed lands. Its RESgel technology provides a solution to store carbon in soil and reduces the need for fertilisers. Hydrogels have the ability to retain high amounts of water in their structure, and RESgel can store water to be released only when crops need it. The company’s solution differs from current technologies as it not only optimizes the use of water, but also has the potential to make infertile land fertile and is able to reduce greenhouse emissions by fixing carbon into soils.
Amber Zakrzewski (Equi Energy Ltd)
Equi Energy manufactures biomass pellets from horse manure. This provides biomass power stations with a high quality, locally sourced, sustainable alternative to imported woody biomass. Equi Energy works with waste removal companies to re-direct horse manure from equestrian facilities across the UK. The company estimates there are over 990,000 horses in the UK producing 7.4m tonnes of waste annually, indicating that horse manure is not being fully utilised for its biomass potential. To date, horse manure has been used for fertilisers or compost, but Equi Energy believes itself to be the only company in the UK to pellet the waste for the benefit of the country’s renewable energy system.

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