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June 2019 Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme Shortlist Announced!

Wed, 08 May 2019

These five young entrepreneurs have been shortlisted for the Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme for the month of June!
The Smarter Future Programme provides £5,000 in start-up funding to one winner per month to help young entrepreneurs with the most innovative business ideas to tackle the biggest energy and resource challenges we face.
The five shortlisted businesses for the month of June are:
Alexander Bowen (IMERAI) 
IMERAI presents a unique opportunity to improve dynamic energy use limitation without invading user privacy. Current systems for automatic lights and other energy drains in offices like heating, ventilation and air conditioning use cameras and passive infrared devices to track user movements with no learning capacity. IMERAI’s first product is a sensor that bounces ultrasonic waves off objects, detecting their relative positions, movements and usage patterns. The sensor uses the data gathered to automate behaviours and manages energy usage with no user intervention. This makes offices and shared spaces energy efficient, using technology that can be left to its own devices.
Matteo Maccario (Pluvo)
Pluvo has created the Pluvo Tower: an urban air pollution solution inspired by rain that monitors air quality and uses water mist to clean harmful pollutants from the air at street level, leveraging an industrial cleaning technology (wet scrubbing) which they have modified and re-appropriated for the urban environment. Pluvo’s air cleaning technology can remove up to 99% of particulate matter and 60% of dangerous gases such as nitrogen dioxide while integrating into existing city infrastructure.
Jack Milligan (Panda Packaging) 
Panda Packaging products are a solution to the single-use plastic challenges within the food and beverage sector. Made of natural materials such as bamboo and coconut, Panda Packaging’s bowls, cups, straws and cutlery offer hospitality brands and consumers reusable, plastic-free alternatives to low-value, high-waste disposables. Their customisable production means that companies can modify products’ appearances adding company logos and taglines entirely online and a smart supply chain tracking software means customers can engage with the product’s sustainable journey.
Yanik Nyberg (Seawater Solutions Ltd)
Seawater Solutions is an agri-environmental company that has established the first farm in the UK to use seawater to grow food and bio-fuel. Their introduction of wetland ecosystems onto coastal farms in Scotland and Vietnam enables the cultivation of sustainably grown sea-vegetables, including high-end sea food such as samphire, and oils for cosmetics, cooking and bio-fuel. The company uses organic matter and solar irrigation systems to provide farming solutions that take in carbon at much higher rates than rainforests do. Globally, Seawater Solutions believes that it is the only organisation that redevelops coastal farmland for wetland restoration and agricultural production.
Beenish Siddique (AEH Innovative Hydrogel Ltd) 
AEH Innovative Hydrogel provides a technology that not only increases crop production but makes it possible to grow crops in infertile and water stressed lands. Its RESgel technology provides a solution to store carbon in soil and reduces the need for fertilizers. Hydrogels have the ability to retain high amounts of water in their structure, and RESgel can store water to be released only when crops need it. The company’s solution differs from current technologies as it not only optimises the use of water, but also has the potential to make infertile land fertile and is able to reduce greenhouse emissions by fixing carbon into soils.

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