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An Innovator's Insight from Karina Sudenyte

Fri, 09 November 2018

Find out more about Top Ten Innovators finalist Flawsome! Drinks.
Flawsome! Drinks, previouskly known as Wonky Drinks, is a Wales-based start-up founded by two students on a mission to reduce food waste by repurposing surplus fresh produce into tasty drinks.  
Since winning a £5,000 Smarter Future Award in January 2017, Flawsome! Drinks has gone from strength to strength and saved over 200 tonnes of fruit from going to waste. To round off a successful year, Flawsome! Drinks has been named as a finalist in the Retail Supply Chain category of 2018’s Top Ten Innovators, guaranteeing the business $10,000.   
Ahead of the Top Ten Innovators final next week, where the business will pitch for an additional $10,000, we sat down with Flawsome! Drinks’ co-founder, Karina, to find out more about their innovative products and plans for the future.  
You’re currently a finalist in Shell LiveWIRE’s Top Ten Innovators Awards, can you tell us more about the innovation within Flawsome!​ Drinks?  
We produce drinks that are made from 100% wonky fruits, which is new to the market, as is sourcing fruits from surplus stock—we don’t ask farmers to grow the fruit for our drinks. Flawsome! Drinks is not only sustainable, we actively promote fair trade. We pay 70% of the market price for these fruits which would have otherwise been discarded. 

As a start-up, do you find it easy to introduce new innovations within Flawsome! Drinks’ processes or product/service?  
It is all about establishing a good relationship with your clients. Business partners should share the same vision and qualities and understand each other’s needs. After that, it is all about good execution.  

How will Top Ten Innovators funding help advance Flawsome! Drinks?  
The funding will help us to grow our business further and save even more fruit! We will create campaigns for fighting food waste through several platforms, grow our product range with new types of recyclable packaging and sizes and launch a sparkling drink.   

What’s next for Flawsome! Drinks? How do you plan on scaling-up?  
We are working towards our new product, a canned sparkling juice drink, which will reduce sugar content by 40% and save even more edible fruits from going to waste. We are seeking £150,000 - £200,000 investment from a seed round and so far, we have raised £70,000.   
This Global Entrepreneurship Week, what advice do you have for those who are at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey?  
Don't listen to people who say ''It won't work''. As the owner of your business you must have a positive attitude and accept the fact that there will be ups and downs. Believe, work hard, be responsible, and most importantly, don't give up.  
What are your top tips for delivering a good elevator pitch?  
  • Keep it short  
  • Highlight the unique values of your brand  

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