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An Innovator's Insight from Josh Burton

Thu, 08 November 2018

Find out more about Top Ten Innovators finalist Metronome Energy.
Metronome Energy is a technology start-up which helps balance variable renewable power sources and traditional energy supply by managing when power is delivered to farming appliances.  
Metronome Energy’s journey with Shell LiveWIRE started in December 2017 when they won a £5,000 Smarter Future Award which enabled them to build their first product and conduct market trials. Fast forward almost a year and Metronome Energy has been named as a finalist for 2018’s Top Ten Innovators, a global competition which rewards business innovation, guaranteeing the business at least $10,000 in funding and a chance to pitch to a live audience in Malaysia next week for the top prize of $20,000.  
Read our interview with co-founder Josh Burton where he shares his top pitching tips, why passion is important when running a business and Metronome’s plans for the future.  
You're currently a finalist in Shell LiveWIRE's Top Ten Innovators Awards, can you tell us more about the innovation within Metronome Energy?  
Metronome has a proprietary hardware and software platform that reduces the cost of distributing energy. Initially targeting UK farmers and SMEs, we directly affect their triple bottom line for energy: security, decarbonisation, and cost.  
As a start-up, do you find it easy to introduce new innovations within Metronome Energy's processes or product/service?  
Innovation is at the core of Metronome as a company — we're constantly innovating with both our hardware and software. Every member of the team attacks the problem from a different angle and having everyone aiming for the same target gives a variety of methods to solve the problem. By considering them all in an open forum we create novel and elegant solutions to our problems.  
What developments/innovations are happening in your sector at the moment?  
With a government target for 15% of the UK’s energy consumption to come from renewable sources by 2020, energy is an awesome sector to be part of. We're moving through these low-carbon goals towards a sustainable future which is about as exciting as it gets. At the same time, innovating within a commoditised space is difficult so we have to be extremely deliberate and resourceful.   
How will Top Ten Innovators funding help advance Metronome Energy?  
Metronome is proving our application at the moment and the Top Ten Innovators funding will accelerate our rollout. 
What's next for Metronome Energy?  
We are hiring! The funding from Shell LiveWIRE allowed us to prove our concept and demonstrate results for farmers. Off the back of this we have had investment from seed funding from some incredibly smart money.   
This Global Entrepreneurship Week, what advice do you have for those who are at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey?  
Don't try to solve everything yourself and remember that a diversity of opinions will always yield the best results; there are more unknown unknowns than you think.  
What's your top tip for delivering a good elevator pitch?  
Be genuinely passionate! Every member of Metronome wants to live in the future we believe we can build.  

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