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Meet the six finalists for Shell Springboard 2018

Wed, 28 March 2018

Meet the six national finalists for Shell Springboard, all in with a chance of winning £150,000 funding.
Shell Springboard provides no-strings attached funding to UK-based small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with innovative, low-carbon business ideas.
Over the past month, in a series of regional finals, Shell Springboard have awarded six SMEs £40,000 equity-free funding. The six finalists will now compete for the title of Shell Springboard 2018 national winner and an additional £110,000 to develop and scale-up their businesses.
Find out more about the six Shell Springboard finalists here:
Seawater Greenhouse
Climate change and desertification are leading to rapidly declining amounts of arable land and water for agriculture, particularly in Africa. Existing practices of irrigation exacerbate the problem by over-abstracting groundwater and the resultant desertification greatly reduces an ecosystem’s ability to sequester carbon. Seawater Greenhouses are 'cool houses' designed to overcome this problem in arid coastal environments by evaporating seawater, to create a cool and humid microclimate, ideal for crop cultivation.
Brill Power
Brill Power develops cutting-edge battery management technology to increase the lifetime of lithium-ion battery packs for grid-scale energy storage and electric vehicles. Brill Power's combination of novel hardware and intelligent software solutions extend the lifetime of conventional lithium-ion batteries by up to 60%, while offering higher reliability than any other battery system. Brill Power addresses the problem of lithium-ion battery degradation and tackles the challenge of increasing the lifetime and reliability of lithium battery packs for enabling a cleaner energy future.
The plastics industry is indispensable for modern life. The industry is oil-based and generates millions of tonnes of CO2 and plastic products can cause environmental damage. Cambond has developed a plant-based resin that can be combined with a range of biomass fibres and polymers to make CAMPOSITE, a planet friendly alternative to plastics. CAMPOSITE can be manufactured and supplied to manufacturers for less than the cost of their current plastics and reduce the carbon burden of the plastics industry.
Shell Springboard Cambridge regional winners with Erin Bradley, New Fuels Manager for Shell’s New Energies business, and Chair of Judges Professor David Newbery
Scottish start-up company Carbogenics has developed CreChar - a novel carbon-based Anaerobic Digestion (AD) additive to boost biogas production. CreChar not only removes inhibitory compounds but also provides surfaces for biofilm formation and helps to stabilise process conditions. Carbogenics' innovative technology uses pyrolysis to turn paper fibre-rich waste materials, such as laminated paper, paper crumble, and low-grade recycled cardboard and paper into a valuable circular economy product.
To make our buildings smarter and efficient, LightFi's technology embraces an aspect of our modern lifestyle - the fact that we are never without our phones. Using WiFi radio and smart algorithms, LightFi detects live occupancy in any WiFi enabled space. It optimises the HVAC for the number of people in the room to save energy and improves the indoor environment, automates lighting to turn off when the space is empty, and provides data and insight into how space is being used.
Endo Enterprises (UK)
Endo Enterprises' product Endotherm is an additive which reduces surface tension in heating systems, allowing them to heat water in heating systems more efficiently. Whether a building is using the latest energy saving technology, or whether it is an old building with lots of inefficiencies, Endotherm can deliver up to 15% savings on heating bills.
Shell Springboard Aberdeen regional winners with John MacArthur, Shell Vice President – Group C02, and Chair of Judges Ed Craig, Head of Enterprise and Innovation at ECCI ​​
For live updates on Shell Springboard follow @Shell_society on Twitter or check out the hashtag #ShellSpringboard.

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