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August 2017 Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme Shortlist Announced!

Thu, 07 September 2017

These five young entrepreneurs have been shortlisted for the Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme for the month of August!
The Smarter Future Programme provides £5,000 in start-up funding to one winner per month to help young entrepreneurs with the most innovative business ideas to tackle the biggest energy and resource challenges we face.
The five shortlisted businesses for the month of August are:
Adam Dixon (Phytoponics) 
Phytoponics develops commercial horticulture growing systems based around patent pending inventions of a flexible hydroponic system. Phytoponics’ system grows vine crops such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and aubergine and is comprised of flexible growing modules with integrated features for growth control, an irrigation system, sensors, nutrient injector and controller. Hydroponics uses more than ten times less land and water than traditional agriculture, freeing up fresh water usage for human consumption or environmental sustainability, and freeing up land for sustainable development or re-forestation. 
Nicolas Kral (Phytoform Labs) 
Phytoform Labs is a plant breeding company. The business will provide customers with novel traits in common agricultural and horticultural crops that will provide resilience to climate change. Phytoform are innovating plant breeding by using gene editing techniques, a novel breeding approach that allows for designed traits in crops rather than breeding by chance. The first product they are developing is a frost tolerant courgette variety that could solve a problem of massive yield losses due to unpredictable frosts. 
Feyi Ogunyeye (BrighThinking) 
BrighThinking’s product SolarDock is a multi-purpose portable USB solar charger, designed to provide its customers with an innovative, yet convenient method of collecting and using renewable energy wherever they are. Unlike the range of solar chargers currently available on the market, BrighThinking’s SolarDock combines a clean design with user friendly features, such as an upright stand for gadgets to rest on while charging, in addition to a charging system that automatically switches itself off when it recognises that a device is fully charged.
Isaac Ramonet (Pure Air)
Pure Air is developing a product which removes pollution from the air. The business’ product can be attached to any light post alongside busy roads where they catch diesel fumes from passing vehicles. These are then put through different processes where particulate matter, VOCs and other greenhouse gases, including CO and CO2 are removed. 
Ehab Sayed (Biohm) 
Biohm is a research and development-led company that aims to promote a healthier and more sustainable built environment. The business is currently developing their initial product, Triagomy, which is a panel-based construction system that does not require binding materials, additional fixtures or fasteners to create durable robust structures. The construction industry in the UK alone annually produces over 100 million tonnes of waste and around 46% of materials delivered to construction sites go straight to landfills. Alongside their primary product, Triagomy, Biohm’s consultations service will allow them to work closely with other organisations to influence a more systemic and holistic approach that assesses the environmental and social impact of construction projects to create a more circular economy.


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