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June 2017 Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme Shortlist Announced!

Mon, 10 July 2017

These five young entrepreneurs have been shortlisted for the Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme for the month of June!
The Smarter Future Programme provides £5,000 in start-up funding to one winner per month to help young entrepreneurs with the most innovative business ideas to tackle the biggest energy and resource challenges we face.
The five shortlisted businesses for the month of June are:
Javana Boothe (The Odd Lot)
The Odd Lot is a brand working with Class II fruit and vegetables that are locally sourced and more affordable, in an effort to tackle the global food waste problem. Supermarkets struggle to sell Class II fruit and vegetables so The Odd Lot has devised a plan to tackle food waste by creating a brand focussed on selling Class II fruit and vegetables to ensure that these vegetables don't go to waste. The business is hoping to bring consistency, comfort and trust to Class II produce.
Julian Melchiorri (Arborea)
Arborea is a clean-biotechnology start-up that makes bionic leaves to clean up the atmosphere and produce valuable materials. Arborea has developed carbon-bio-converter (CBC) technology, which is an evolution of existing algae cultivation technologies, that provides increased versatility and performance improvements.  The CBC technology is integrated into the business’ BioSolar Leaf panelling system, which can be easily incorporated into building facades, roofs or indoor areas. The product harnesses natural photosynthesis to fix CO2 and remove air pollutants from the atmosphere and from effluent gases while providing high insulation properties to further decrease the building's CO2  emissions.

Sam Patchitt (YellowLabel Technology)
YellowLabel is developing a UK-wide app for discounted goods that are due to expire. The YellowLabel app prevents supermarket food waste by advertising and enabling the sale of marked down goods to app users. The app enables users to ‘peek’ into the store from their phone and browse the reductions on offer, in turn saving money and preventing food going to waste.
Ehab Sayed (Biohm)
Biohm is a research and development-led company that aims to promote a healthier and more sustainable built environment. The business is currently developing their initial product, Triagomy, which is a panel-based construction system that does not require binding materials, additional fixtures or fasteners to create durable robust structures. The construction industry in the UK alone annually produces over 100 million tonnes of waste and around 46% of materials delivered to construction sites go straight to landfills. Alongside their primary product, Triagomy, Biohm’s consultations service will allow them to work closely with other organisations to influence a more systemic and holistic approach that assesses the environmental and social impact of construction projects to create a more circular economy.

Hugo Tilmouth (Innovate Energy)
Innovate Energy is the business behind ChargedUp, an external phone battery rental service powered by green energy. ChargedUp works in a similar fashion to the Boris Bike network in that users can take a charger from one station and return it to any other station in the network. It is estimated that 17.4 GWh is used to power mobile phones in London each year, which is the equivalent of providing energy to over 750 households. The ChargedUp system will provide clean, renewable energy to its service users by offsetting their energy through a green supplier.


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