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Inventions and Prototypes

Inventions and Prototypes

Innovation and creativity are vital ingredients for anyone in business, but new ideas mean nothing if you can't execute them and bring them to fruition.

Intellectual Property (IP)

The term Intellectual Property (IP) refers to the ownership of (new) ideas, and the rights of the people who had those ideas to exploit them commercially or artistically.

Marketing: Future Developments

Whatever the stage of your business development, looking at the future may be helpful in defining your marketing objectives and your marketing mix.

Exporting For the First Time

Exporting For the First Time

When it comes to exporting, small firms have some important advantages over their big business counterparts.

Choosing an Export Market

Market research is the key to reducing the degree of risk involved in selling into a new market.

Researching the Export Market

Effective research comes from good preparation and planning.

Exploring Your Market Entry Options

Having researched potential markets you will have realised that different ones have different distribution structures; the set up of the industry in the area you are targeting may be completely unlike that in the UK.

The Export Marketing Plan

This is the start of the next major phase of your export development.

Getting Goods to the Export Market

Most people’s experience of international transport is limited to sending the occasional parcel long-distance.

Negotiating Globally

Different nationalities have different values and ways of behaving.

Employing People

As a young entrepreneur employing people for the first time, there are a number of issues to think about, including recruitment, delegation and managing employees.

Defining Your Requirements

Recruitment and selection must be considered as two separate processes, otherwise one or both may fail.

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