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Person Specification

When drafting a person specification, you must be specific in the standards you describe.

Attracting Applicants

Having defined the requirements of the job and communicated this to the people who need to know, you can consider how you are going to recruit.


Interviews are the most popular method of assessing, and gaining information about, candidates.

Selection Techniques

It is a sad but indisputable fact that in any group of people who apply for a job, there will be a number who will not give accurate information about themselves.

Recruitment Case Study: Andy Mead (The Finishing Line)

Recruitment Case Study: Andy Mead (The Finishing Line)

Andy Mead was in the UK Finals for the 1988 Shell LiveWIRE Awards with his business, The Finishing Line. Here he gives some advice on employing people as a young entrepreneur.

Recruitment Case Study: Mandy Scott (AA Flags)

Recruitment Case Study: Mandy Scott (AA Flags)

In 1993 Mandy Scott of AA Flags was in the Northern Region Final of the Shell LiveWIRE Awards. Here she talks about her experience of employing and managing staff as a young entrepreneur in the textile industry.

Recruitment Case Study: Patricia Hay (First Base Employment)

Recruitment Case Study: Patricia Hay (First Base Employment)

In 1999 Patricia Hay represented Gloucestershire in the regional finals of the Shell LiveWIRE Business Start Up awards with her company, First Base Employment. Here she talks to us about the complexities of employment.


When you are planning to start in business you may wish to work from home or find you need to take on premises and consider the additional obligations this entails.

Appraising Premises

There are a number of factors to take into account when appraising potential premises, some of which are covered here.

Equipping Premises

The start-up stage of equipping your premises is very exciting; it shows that all your meticulous plans are translating into reality and that your business is actually taking shape.


It is a good idea to discuss your requirements with a registered insurance broker.

Working From Home

Working from home used to be a complicated affair – whether you were a home-based business or a homeworker for a large company, it often involved reams of paper, boxes and files, not always having the correct information to hand and difficulties with customers and colleagues contacting you.

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