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Perhaps the most important aspect of running your business is selling.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is still one of the most common and generally most effective ways of developing sales leads and is especially successful if the necessary pre-planning takes place.

Face-to-face Sales

The face-to-face sales interview with a potential buyer is often the most important part of the whole marketing function.

Prospecting For and Generating Leads

The first and crucial step in selling is to identify prospective customers (prospects).

Top Sales Training Tips

Selling is as essential an element of your business as, say, preparing a business plan or retaining effective financial control.

Karma Active's Quick Guide to Sales

Karma Active's Quick Guide to Sales

Karma Active won a Shell LiveWIRE Award in June 2010. Here they offer some advice on refining your sales technique.

Financial Forecasting and Planning

Financial forecasts are, quite simply, your forecast of how your business will perform financially over, say, the year ahead.

Break-even Analysis

A break-even analysis identifies the point at which your business starts to make a profit. You can work out the break-even point using any timescale, eg weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

Costing and Pricing

Although accountants define costs in several different ways, there are, effectively, just two types of cost.

Financial Forecasts

Advice on how to prepare a financial forecast for your business.

Sensitivity Analysis

It is important to know how sensitive your forecast is to changes.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

VAT is tax paid on the value added at each stage of delivery of a product or service.

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