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Preparing a Marketing Plan: Introduction

Careful planning increases the chances of successfully accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

Preparing a Marketing Plan: Customer Targeting and Market Positioning

The final outcome of your marketing plan very much depends on your approach to customer targeting and how you decide to position your products or services in the marketplace.

Preparing a Marketing Plan: Marketing Objectives

Once you are clear about your target market and about the position you propose to adopt in the market you can begin to define some marketing objectives.

Pricing Strategies

The greatest danger when setting a price for the first time is to pitch it too low.

Marketing: Future Developments

Whatever the stage of your business development, looking at the future may be helpful in defining your marketing objectives and your marketing mix.

Public Relations (PR)

How can you use PR to the greatest effect in your business?

Guide to PR-ing your Business

Whether you have just started a business, launched a new product or service, or won an award this guide will tell you how to get the most free publicity and media coverage.

Drafting a Press Release

Before starting to write a press release, consider what the news story actually is, and from what angle it should be approached to make it most dynamic.

Industry Insiders Case Study

Industry Insiders Case Study

Rachel Johnson of Industry Insiders talks about the difference some good PR can make when first starting out in business.



Networking can greatly improve your business' chance of survival during those hard early months.

Conferences and Exhibitions

Conferences and Exhibitions

Conferences and exhibitions provide a good opportunity for businesses to engage with potential customers face to face, maintain or enhance their profile, network and generate new business leads and feedback.

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