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Wed, 09 March 2011

Information on how you can use Crowdfunding to raise finance for your business or project.
Crowdfunding (derived from the term 'Crowdsourcing') is a relatively new way to raise investment for your business or project from a wide range of independent sources, potentially from anywhere in the world. Made easier by developments in the digital world, businesses can use Crowdfunding to obtain lots of small sums of money (or micro-payments) which together enable them to fund their activity.

Crowdfunding Websites

The Crowdcube website allows 'ordinary people the chance to invest in British businesses in exchange for equity' from as little as £10. Businesses looking for investment need to record and upload an elevator pitch to the site which potential investors can then view to help them decide if they want a stake.
In a similar vein, US-based Kickstarter 'is the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world', enabling tens of thousands of people to pledge money to music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative projects. 
Furthermore, websites like Zopa and Kiva enable people to offer micro-loans to projects in the UK and developing world respectively that can make a huge difference to the local community.
Check out the links below to see what other crowdfunding options are out there.

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