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Public Relations (PR)

Thu, 27 August 2009

How can you use PR to the greatest effect in your business?
The media needs to write about business so they are always looking for good stories for their readers. You would need to spend a fortune on other forms of marketing to achieve a fraction of the success of a good PR campaign so it's worth spending some time on this area of marketing and promotion.
Firstly, work out which newspapers, magazines and websites your target audience might read or visit, then get to know the journalists so you can work with them to deliver PR coverage for your business.
Could you use stars or celebrities to endorse your product or service and therefore achieve more column inches? Think outside the box to do something different and unusual and don't be afraid to pull PR 'stunts' to get yourself in the paper. Sir Richard Branson is a master of this type of thing and isn't afraid to look silly in order to publicise his latest venture - so if it's good enough for him then why not for you?

Use every opportunity available to you to plug your brand or latest product, and don't be shy when it comes to talking about your business - if you won't do it then who else will? With a little bit of imagination you can easily make a big splash and get your name in the spotlight with little or no budget.
However, once your business is up and running and if you can afford it then paying a specialist PR agency to work on your behalf may reap dividends. Use the links in the Related Information box below to search for PR consultants that may be suitable.

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