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Cold Calling

Mon, 29 July 2002

Cold calling is still one of the most common and generally most effective ways of developing sales leads and is especially successful if the necessary pre-planning takes place.
A clear idea of who and where the best potential buyers are located is a must.
To ensure maximum selling time, that is the time you are in a direct face-to-face meeting with a potential customer, a degree of pre-call planning will, for the vast majority of businesses, not only be beneficial and cost effective, but also essential.
Of course the most important part of the whole operation is the personal sales call where you make your presentation and aim to clinch the sale there and then. The earlier the start, the more calls you can make and the greater sales you are likely to obtain. If you knock on 100 doors you will sell more than the person who knocks on 50 - an obvious point but it is surprising how many sales people do not apply the percentage rule. Similarly, morning calls have proved to be more successful than those made in the afternoon.
In more recent years, social media has provided a similar benefit. Social media gives you the opportunity to identify the gatekeepers you might want to get in contact in, either for sales or networking purposes, and sometimes sending them a Direct Message can be an effective way to make that initial contact.
Note: If you wish to do cold calling via the telephone, then you should check that the businesses you have chosen to ring are not registered with the Telephone Preference Service, as you could be financially penalised.

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