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Karma Active's Quick Guide to Sales

Fri, 14 September 2012

Karma Active won a Shell LiveWIRE Award in June 2010. Here they offer some advice on refining your sales technique.
Karma Active sells services to schools, this is arguably one of the hardest areas to sell to as budgets often change and there are a number of people you have to get through before you reach the decision maker, which in our case is the head teacher. Some people have been well trained in how to deal with sales people both on the phone and in person and they can block your success. It is important not to get annoyed by this, you have to use this energy positively in your sales technique and try harder. Sometimes it could be that the person who is your potential customer is just having a bad day so you can always try again another time, or ring up in different accent and land that deal!
Refining a sales technique has been a major task for Karma Active as we now need it to be replicated by people in different areas of the country. One thing which has helped me is to move away from hard selling techniques. I research a lot about the person I am selling to and try to refer to them on a first name basis, which can help when the receptionist is deciding whether to let you talk to anyone in the school.

Nowadays the phones are ringing so it isn’t often that Karma Active has to cold call, but if I could pass on anything regarding sales technique it would be; keep smiling, be friendly, and document your sales cycle.
(Pictured: Luke Boulton Major from Karma Active)

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