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Wed, 26 August 2009

Marketing is all about finding and satisfying customers - identifying the need for a product or service and then providing it at the right time, in the right place and at the right price.
Marketing covers all aspects of your business, from defining your product or service to the identification of market opportunities and filling those opportunities at a price that covers your costs and generates a profit.
Most markets are too wide and too competitive for smaller businesses to enter with much certainty of success. So you will have to find a special niche and then cultivate it carefully.
Identifying the market you are really in and having a thorough understanding of it can also ensure that you are alive to changes in technology or customer preference. Conversely, if you do not understand what you are really providing, you can be overtaken by events.
Marketing is not the same as selling; rather, marketing creates the conditions for the sale to take place. It's not advertising either, although advertising might play an important part in your overall marketing effort.
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