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Tue, 01 January 2002

Perhaps the most important aspect of running your business is selling.

A marketing plan may help you to think about your overall approach to marketing and may focus your mind by setting targets. But to achieve sales:

  • you need to know what is the message that you wish to communicate to potential customers
  • you need to communicate it effectively
  • in most cases, you need to complete the sale through personal contact.
That will require, particularly for new businesses, a high level of personal selling. Unless you already have experience of selling you will find this uncomfortable but, like everything else in business, you will find that success comes quickly with practice.


The aim of this, and our subsequent articles on the topic of sales (see the Related Posts below), is to equip you with the necessary skills to enable you to sell your business products or services effectively. It will enable you to:
  • understand what it is that people buy;
  • identify genuine leads;
  • recognise and capitalise on buying signals;
  • handle objections;
  • ask for and close the sale;
  • follow up sales interviews effectively; and,
  • advertise your business.
Whilst the emphasis upon any particular aspect of marketing will vary from product to product, or service to service, the most important element in all cases is the actual sale or acquisition of orders. All other activities are aimed at identifying prospective customers (prospects) and supporting the sale.

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