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Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper (Amazing If)

Sarah and Helen won a £1,000 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in October 2013 for their business, Amazing If.
Entrepreneurs: Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper

Business: Amazing If

Location: London

Business Description

Amazing If will provide inspiring and action orientated career learning and development services to individuals – particularly targeted at the millennial generation.

The millennial workforce is seeking jobs that offer fulfilment, purpose and flexibility. However they are faced with two challenges. Firstly, organisations are not traditionally structured to support this need from employees. Secondly, millennials are often not given the support required through education or the workplace to actively take ownership for their own career – resulting in an unhappy workforce. The Amazing If courses are designed to be accessible, affordable and actionable to enable individuals to take control of and invest in their own development, to create happier careers and fulfil their potential.

You can follow Sarah and Helen on Twitter @Amazing_If.

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