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Nicole McMurray (Roses are Rubbish)

Nicole McMurray won a £1,000 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in October 2013 for her business, Roses are Rubbish.
Entrepreneur: Nicole McMurray

Business: Roses are Rubbish

Location: Brighton

Business Description

Roses are Rubbish is an up-cycling business which makes products out of waste materials. Roses are Rubbish recycles waste materials from a number of different organisations which helps to make them more sustainable and eco-friendly, while also reducing the cost of getting rid of their waste.

The waste material Roses are Rubbish collects is then made into unique items such as wallets from vinyl festival banners, handbags made from tents and seat belts from old cars. In the future Roses are Rubbish would like to open a shop stocking only products made from recycled materials, with the focus on practical products for the home and fashion items.

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