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Becky Westaway (Milly & Bear)

Becky Westaway won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards in September 2013 for her business, Milly & Bear.
Entrepreneur: Becky Westaway

Business: Milly & Bear

Location: London

Business Description

Milly & Bear (formerly Little Bear) will be producing and retailing cellular blankets and cellular sleeping bags for babies. Cellular blankets are the best thing for babies because they help regulate their temperature and reduce the risk of suffocation and cot death. However whilst the blankets are readily available already, they are tired and going out of fashion. The business plans to reinvigorate the market with new blankets that are great quality and in a variety of bright colours, and produce cellular blanket sleeping bags, which are not currently available but offer a great solution for older babies.

You can follow Milly & Bear on Twitter @Millyandbear.

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