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Sophie Tregellis (Top Collar)

Sophie Tregellis won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards in September 2013 for her business, Top Collar.
Entrepreneur: Sophie Tregellis

Business: Top Collar

Location: Bootham

Business Description

Top Collar aims to inspire a fun attitude towards pet health. The business does this through its range of pet foods, which consist of a range of fresh and natural treats for pets of all ages, using locally sourced, human-grade ingredients. The Top Collar pet menu includes the Classic Roast, the Full English, which is designed for dogs, and classic fish and chips for cats. The different ranges aim to help pets with certain conditions, such as the ‘Golden oldie’ range which aims to ease arthritis, fatigue, and stomach problems in older dogs. In the future, Top Collar wants to introduce vegan and gluten free ranges.

You can follow Top Collar on Twitter @TopCollar.

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