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Tom Walkinshaw (PocketQube Shop)

Tom Walkinshaw won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards in November 2013 for his business, PocketQube Shop.
Entrepreneur: Tom Walkinshaw

Business: PocketQube Shop

Location: Glasgow

Business Description

PocketQube Shop is a hub for a class of satellites called PocketQubes. PocketQubes are 5cm cube satellites and allow access to space for University researchers, students and amateur groups, for the lowest price. PocketQubes are smaller, cheaper, and less costly to launch into orbit than their competitors, allowing small teams that need access to space to train engineers of the future to test new technologies and develop new business models to create economic growth. The business offers a one-stop shop for components (including structures, deployers, electronics, solar panels etc), a modular project mentoring service and the latest launch opportunities.

You can follow Tom on Twitter @PocketQubeShop.

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