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Jamie Kunka (Lonely Mountain Skis)

Jamie Kunka won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in December 2013 for his business, Lonely Mountain Skis.
Entrepreneur: Jamie Kunka

Business: Lonely Mountain Skis

Location: Dundee

Business Description

Lonely Mountain Skis is a Scottish ski company that makes high performance bespoke skis from natural, sustainable materials. Each pair of skis comes with a service kit of handmade tools and organic ski wax. Local Scottish hardwoods form the backbone of the ski's construction, which is then reinforced with flax fibres in eco resin. The combination of these materials results in a strong, lightweight ski that performs excellently on snow. By using as much local and natural materials as possible, Lonely Mountain Skis will combat climate change and help keep snow falling on the mountains.

You can follow Lonely Mountain Skis on Twitter or on Facebook.

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