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James Bettney (Takuro Apparel Ltd)

James Bettney won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in January 2014 for his business, Takuro Apparel Ltd.
Entrepreneur: James Bettney
Business: Takuro Apparel Ltd 
Location: Sheffield

Business Description       

Takuro Apparel aims to make premium quality products for the European and Western fashion markets, which are made from the finest Himalayan fabrics and ethically produced in Nepal. Their goal is to build a large international fashion network that keeps quality and equality as its core beliefs. Takuro Apparel wants to work with outcast widows in Nepal who have suffered generations of discrimination, leaving them with no means to support their families. With the help of Women for Human Rights, Takuro employs these women to manufacture bags and apparel, giving them fair and sustainable employment.
You can follow Takuro Apparel on Twitter @TakuroApparel.

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