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Ben Smith (Frumtious)

Ben Smith won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in January 2014 for his business, Frumtious.
Entrepreneur: Ben Smith

Business: Frumtious

Location: Birmingham

Business Description

Frumtious is a health-conscious natural food company, producing healthy, fruit-based snacks suitable for all diets and ages. Specifically targeting health-conscious young adults and parents, Frumtious is committed to using only natural ingredients to create its range of products. The flagship Frumtious product is a pot of real fruit jelly, made from blended fruits and a vegan setting agent. As a standalone product it’s a great way to enjoy fruit on-the-go, or you can use it to liven up porridge or yoghurt. Frumtious products contain real ‘super fruits’, which contribute towards your daily dose of fruit and vegetables and provide a variety of health benefits.

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