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Julieta Ose (OxyOse)

Julieta Ose won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in February 2014 for her business, OxyOse.
Entrepreneur: Julieta Ose
Business: OxyOse
Location: London

Business Description                                                       

Julieta Ose was awarded £1,000 for her business in a special Shell LiveWIRE elevator pitch competition that took place at NACUE's 'Student Enterprise Conference 2014' held at Sheffield Hallam University on 15th-16th February 2014. Her business, OxyOse, produces a health drink that contains natural fruit juice, herbal extracts and vitamins, as well as pure oxygen, which the business infuses into the products. The products have a long list of health benefits to the elderly, children, and pregnant women in particular.
You can follow OxyOse on Twitter @OxyOse or on Facebook

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