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Giles Mitchell (Office Pantry)

Giles Mitchell won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in February 2014 for his business, Office Pantry.
Entrepreneur: Giles Mitchell 

Business: Office Pantry

Location: Bath

Business Description                                                       

Office Pantry (previously trading as Our Honest Foods) is on a mission to fill the awkward gaps for the adventurous snackers of Britain. Since founding the company, the business has served the office workers of Bath, delivered over 200 snack boxes to their monthly subscribing customers, attended numerous markets, and delivered 400 bespoke boxes to a prominent Bath hotel. The business relies on the honesty of the customers to pay for the price marked items by placing the corresponding amount in the built in honesty box. With a 96% honesty rate from customers, the company is now catering for those at home, sending out their Best of British Snackoria, or boxes full of heavenly snack products. These are delivered monthly and fit through the letterbox, containing a bevy of independently produced British snack foods.
You can follow Our Honest Foods on Twitter @OfficePantry or on Facebook

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