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Victoria Robinson (Smarti Paints)

Victoria Robinson won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in April 2014 for her business, Smarti Paints Limited.
Entrepreneur: Victoria Robinson
Business: Smarti Paints
Location: Leicester  

Business Description                                                       

Smarti Paints Limited is a social enterprise which was set up to provide adults with disabilities access to social activities that promote social interaction and the learning of new crafting skills within a comfortable environment.  This can help build confidence and, in time, help participants to develop life skills and independence.  The business is a community based organisation that supports adults with disabilities to craft in a fun, affordable and educational way. Through their classes, the business aims to help promote independent choice and the development of social skills and crafting techniques.
You can follow smarti Paints on Twitter @SmartiPaints or on Facebook.

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