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Styliana Vasili (Viva la Vita) - 2014 Finalist

Styliana Vasili won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in April 2014 for her business, Viva la Vita.
Entrepreneur: Styliana Vasili

Business: Viva la Vita

Location: London

Business Description                                                       

Viva la Vita aims to provide a new, fun and easy way to book fitness classes. Viva la Vita have created an app which refreshes daily to provide a shortlist of the best fitness classes happening in London today and tomorrow. Bookings are easily made through the app and proof of purchase is stored within the application as a ticket for reference and admittance. Viva la Vita have successfully partnered with 40 fitness providers, including member only gyms which have agreed to waiver this requirement for app users. Viva la Vita hope to expand and introduce their app into other cities, such as New York, once they have successfully launched in London. 
You can follow Viva la Vita on Twitter @VivalaVitaUK or on Facebook.

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