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Edward Ward (Veglo) - 2014 Finalist

Edward Ward won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in May 2014 for his business, Veglo.
Entrepreneur: Edward Ward
Business: Veglo

Location: London

Business Description

Veglo aims to be the leaders in personal safety illumination. Veglo want to not only provide bike lights, but also revolutionise the way in which they are used by cyclists in the hope of creating a safer cycling environment. Veglo currently has one product ready to take to market, the commuter X4, which is a wearable, fibre optic rear light that can be worn around any size backpack or across your shoulders. It creates a unique X-shape which, unlike a single point light, allows drivers to more accurately judge the distance, width and speed of cyclists.      
You can follow Veglo on Twitter @veglobikelights or on Facebook.